Maternity pictures

It’s been a little quiet around the blog and it’s because we have been SO busy growing a BABY!

These last 7 months have been a whirlwind- some good and some challenging.

We cant believe our little baby boy is arriving in just 8 weeks or less!

We took our maternity pictures a couple of weeks ago and even thought it was 30 degrees, we love how they came out! 2B740B3C-22E2-49D3-9B73-8D09C6AEF3A98AFC72BD-52D6-4324-8BCF-36757B29853528AB49C3-BAD6-44EB-B0C2-0AA12B682FAA16364502-EB50-46E5-9834-2DFBFFF0DBB4866425E0-4C6F-4F9E-A857-6BA2D8CA182B0904B022-FEA9-49F9-82B1-E2AB652D76C902FC40AF-5414-489D-99CD-FC74D3C693FA376D0A61-32E1-4B14-BBD9-08C2FA9188A8CBA87B6F-A3A8-48FA-811A-E35849620B63E9FCA73D-6F33-49EE-9482-0E8258421860B8586559-345F-45F9-B396-395CDEFA33B4BECEB36C-94D7-4355-96EB-78CF4A0F0AC1372B387C-658A-401A-AEF7-38A719EFC590652935DE-BF1F-42B0-8EC1-F7BF9FD1E5EEBCF3C4D8-4BC6-4381-AB1A-AFAA7F824EA1299EAF5B-3599-4673-85D7-12D65A243CEDDF4103CD-5278-4E17-A72F-EE0182C53C4BB6E6526C-C20D-4A86-B059-60C454677B3A


6968B17E-F058-4DC1-908C-958423C2D2A0D37C6D23-2490-447F-A402-277A5CD730ACFCBCB10A-F6C7-4339-9D44-628D58AB9585DF8E156F-F87F-407F-B337-0F7FB49A3B0BD45DDF73-D4CD-4CA7-8442-06FEBF1BE44DB9100B90-2D8A-4692-8465-A349C0E5327AI will be 35 weeks pregnant this Christmas! And my family is coming all the way from California! I absolutely love Christmas and I am so excited. This is our last Christmas just Luke and I, definitely bittersweet. I also attached some photos from our family Christmas session that we organized this year.

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2 Year Anniversary

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T W O Y E A R S !!! We’ve truly made it. Jk. But in all seriousness I’ve dreamed of being married since I was 14. I started writing letters to my future husband and I was completely obsessed with all things romance, weddings, & love. I always wished that people were more honest about what marriage is really like. And I know that I’m usually a pretty private person (not) but this year was hard as hell. I mean there were days I wanted to blow luke up. There were days I didn’t think I could do it. BUT we did!!! We made it through some tough stuff in year two and that’s what makes celebrating our anniversary that much more exciting. Marriage is sharing a level of intimacy with someone that is so deep and all consuming that sometimes it’s overwhelming. The thing is that when you are in the midst of a tough time, it like it’s all you can see. And then when you make the decision to hold hands and choose each other, something absolutely magnificent happens. And that CHOICE is the most romantic thing I’ve ever experienced. It’s not flowers or chocolates, it’s looking at your partner everyday and choosing them. Choosing to love, respect, and fight for them every day for the rest of your life. Two years ago, we stood on a beach in front of those we love and said the words “I choose you today” and I’m proud to say that we’ve said them everyday since. Through it all babe, I choose you. Thanks for being my husband, I love you more today than I did on that beach!