My heart is heavy tonight. Grieving the place that our country has come to. Today the lawmakers in New York decided to legalize abortion until minutes before birth. I choose to keep quiet about most things reguarding politics. I would consider myself having moderate views. I don’t feel loyal to Democrat’s or Republicans- in fact both parties make me equally sick. It is strange to be a Christian and yet have more loyalty to your political party than to love and truth. But today I cannot keep silent. I have been carrying a human life for 39 weeks tomorrow and the fact that ANYONE could consider taking the life of this child is horrifying, repugnant, & evil.

Andrew Cuomo has been fighting to pass a law overturning roe vs wade for some time now and New York’s buildings lit up in celebration of this “huge step forward” for women’s rights.

The bill seems to restrict late term abortions but has a broad “health” exemption for abortions after 24 weeks. The exemption allows for abortions up to 9 months due to “age, economic, and emotional factors”. In essence, any reason under the sun. And let’s face the music, no matter what flowery words you use- you cannot deny the “convenience” of using this method to “save” a woman’s life. There are SO many opportunities to find potential risks during a pregnancy and many opt to do a cesarean or induction as a way to prevent an issue or foreseen issue. I know personally a child who was born at 24 weeks and is a thriving, beautiful child. It is no ones right to decide who get a chance to live.

I’m sure we have all seen the quote reguarding abortion that says “I find it interesting that everyone who is pro abortion is already alive”

We should be ashamed of ourselves for numbing our consious and reconciling to ourselves that murdering a human life at ANY stage is acceptable. But this? This is a level of evil that disturbs me to the deepest level.

I pray that God has mercy on us. I know his heart is broken over the injustice of millions of his children being murdered in this modern day holocaust.





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