Maternity pictures

It’s been a little quiet around the blog and it’s because we have been SO busy growing a BABY!

These last 7 months have been a whirlwind- some good and some challenging.

We cant believe our little baby boy is arriving in just 8 weeks or less!

We took our maternity pictures a couple of weeks ago and even thought it was 30 degrees, we love how they came out! 2B740B3C-22E2-49D3-9B73-8D09C6AEF3A98AFC72BD-52D6-4324-8BCF-36757B29853528AB49C3-BAD6-44EB-B0C2-0AA12B682FAA16364502-EB50-46E5-9834-2DFBFFF0DBB4866425E0-4C6F-4F9E-A857-6BA2D8CA182B0904B022-FEA9-49F9-82B1-E2AB652D76C902FC40AF-5414-489D-99CD-FC74D3C693FA376D0A61-32E1-4B14-BBD9-08C2FA9188A8CBA87B6F-A3A8-48FA-811A-E35849620B63E9FCA73D-6F33-49EE-9482-0E8258421860B8586559-345F-45F9-B396-395CDEFA33B4BECEB36C-94D7-4355-96EB-78CF4A0F0AC1372B387C-658A-401A-AEF7-38A719EFC590652935DE-BF1F-42B0-8EC1-F7BF9FD1E5EEBCF3C4D8-4BC6-4381-AB1A-AFAA7F824EA1299EAF5B-3599-4673-85D7-12D65A243CEDDF4103CD-5278-4E17-A72F-EE0182C53C4BB6E6526C-C20D-4A86-B059-60C454677B3A

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